Benefits Of Cold Brew Coffee

  Sometimes a piping hot cup of coffee is too much for a morning beverage. And, if you live in a warm environment or it is summer, you may never find yourself craving for hot coffee.

  Luckily for everyone, this type of coffee drink is more prevalent every day. As a bonus, there are many health benefits of cold brew coffee. You can not only get your caffeine fix without overheating, but you can savor your brew, knowing it is good for you.

The Science Behind Cold Brew

  Cold brewing is not a new phenomenon. This method has been around for years but became overshadowed by the faster hot coffee brewing method. However, many people are opting for a cold brew for more reasons than the easy-drinking temperature. With this style of coffee, the extraction process is different. Cold or room temperature water is used to soak coffee grinds. From this process, a concentrated liquid forms. This liquid is then strained and diluted to create a drinkable cup of cold brew coffee. Read our guide on how to make cold brew concentrate for the detailed instructions.

  The coffee bean’s chemical components react differently to cold water, so you get a different kind of beverage. The lack of heat means certain oils and acids do not release into the surrounding water. Because of this, many people believe this coffee drink is better for you than hot brewed coffee.

the science behind cold brew coffee

Cold Brew Vs Hot Brew

  Both cold and hot brewed coffee has many health benefits. Most of these benefits are the same for each brewing method. Only when you ask yourself, “is cold brew coffee better for you,” do you start noticing a few extra benefits.

Easy On Your Stomach

  Although cold brew is generally stronger than regular brewed coffee, it is known to be easier on your entire digestive system. It contains a large number of crude polysaccharides. These are sugar molecules that positively affect the digestive system by boosting immunity. If the acidity of coffee bothers your stomach, these molecules help prevent the gut irritation you may have experienced with hot coffee.

Less Acidic

  Cold brew coffee is more alkaline than hot brewed coffee. Hot coffee has higher concentrations of titratable acidic compounds and a lower pH. If you are prone to acid reflux or heartburn, hot brewed coffee can trigger these discomforts. Cold brew coffee may not, proving again, one of the many great things about this beverage.

You Can Easily Drink It Black

  In the debate of cold brew vs hot brewed coffee, cold brew coffee is without question less bitter and more smooth. This brewing process yields the best flavor components of coffee beans and leaves the bitter flavonoids and acids in the grounds. The more appealing taste means you are less tempted to add cream and sugar. Listen to the expert: You don’t have to have all the additives in there, black coffee is much less expensive, and if you go black, it’s much healthier for you.

  If you usually drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day with cream and sugar, your coffee quickly becomes unhealthy. Adjusting to a black cup of cold brew is much easier than hot coffee.


Cred: Home Grounds