Why is drinking coffee good for you?

Why coffee can be good for you  

  Coffee as we know it has only been around since the 15th century. There is still ongoing research into why coffee has great benefits and what other benefits it could offer. According to the Harvard's School of Public Health research, coffee is rich in caffeine, vitamin B2, magnesium, and plant chemicals. This can definitely be attractive as it boasts some of the most natural ways of receiving these supplemental boosts.

Type 2 Diabetes reduction

  There was a study that was conducted with over 45,335 people with type 2 diabetes over a 20 year period. In this study, coffee was shown to decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes by 8% for one cup and 33% for up to 3 cups a day. The caffeinated coffee had a slight advantage over the decaf during these trials as well.

Filtered VS Unfiltered coffee 

 There has been a lot of debate on the benefits of filtered vs unfiltered coffee but one thing is for sure is that when coffee is filtered, it takes out most of the coffee oils also known as Cafestol which could cause cholesterol levels to rise. When it is filtered, it reduces the chance of rising cholesterol levels which in comparison to methods such as French press or cold brew, it retains a lot of the cafestol. This could also be argued to have its own benefits as well, but as far as studies conducted on filtered vs unfiltered, it is without a doubt that there are higher levels of cafestol in unfiltered methods. Both methods have significant taste levels catered to each persons own preferences. If one likes it light, filtered is generally the preferred way to drink. If someone wants it really strong and bold, unfiltered would be the way to go. Then again, coffee could be either depending on the origin and how its grown and many other factors that play into the role of how its drunk.

Natural Stimulant

  Coffee was shown to help increase activity levels especially during the morning. According to the Coffee and health institute on Coffee and the mind, Caffeine in coffee, "acts as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system" (ISIC, 2021). This could help to improve ones own alertness and attention especially during daily use of mental performances. This makes coffee one of the best ways to naturally stimulate the mind to get the day going.


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