Artisanal Infrared Roasting

Taste The Difference

There's nothing better than the nutty, full-bodied taste of a perfect cup of coffee. From the intense, encompassing aroma to the depth of flavor, artisanal coffee is true work of art. However, most companies use antiquated roasting methods that create a highly acidic, bitter, and uneven taste creating an unreliable flavor profile from cup to cup. That's why the master artisans at Hammer'd Coffee use infrared heating technology for all our roasting, creating a unique and flavorful coffee, unlike anything you've ever experienced. We begin by using the highest quality organic single-origin AA Arabica beans grown in exclusive private farming estates throughout the world. Utilizing the latest infrared technology, we developed a state-of-the-art heat exchanging process that eliminates the need for high-heat flames, relying instead upon effective infrared heating methods. Since no flames ever touch our high-quality beans, our coffee never burns or develops a bitter taste, delivering instead exceptional, low acidic, and uniform flavors in every cup. 


How We Create Exceptional, Low Acidic Coffee

Traditional roasting methods prioritize convenience and speed, choosing quantity over quality. These outdated systems use gas flame manifolds that blow piping hot air at the beans while they move across a conveyer belt or through flaming hot drums that roughly roast the delicate beans. These drums are heated to extremely hot temperatures while the beans are rotated inside, scorching, and burning them while delivering uneven results. Whether on the conveyor belt or inside the drum, coffee beans that are roasted under these harsh conditions are routinely burnt, creating a bitter, highly acidic coffee.




The Hammer'd Coffee Difference

At Hammer'd Coffee, we choose to say no to the use of flames, turning instead to infrared heating technology. Each batch of our quality coffee is placed inside our roasting drums, where they are slowly heated, developing an even roast across each bean. Once brought roasted, we quickly drop the temperature, removing them and using quench water along with the ambient air to instantly stop further cooking without introducing excess moisture. The result? Beautifully caramelized beans, roasted to perfection!

How Can We Maintain the Coffees Nutritional Value?

Since we don't use high-heat flames that burn the beans, our coffee maintains its nutrient-rich, antioxidant properties, allowing it to nurture the body.


How Can We Create Low-Acidic Coffee That Tastes Great?

By utilizing cutting-edge technological advancements, we harness the power of infrared heat to evenly roast our coffee, delivering full-bodied, even flavor without the acid!


Delicious, Exceptional Tasting Organic AA Arabica Coffee

We don't use low-quality beans in our coffee; instead, we work with private Arabica estates across the globe to purchase the highest-quality, most delicious-tasting beans available.


Artisanal Infrared Roasted Coffee In Every Cup

At Hammer'd Coffee, we believe coffee is an art form requiring the utmost care and dedication. We never apply flames to our beans, choosing infrared heating technology proven to deliver a more even, full-bodied flavor. Our artisans are dedicated to producing the best-tasting, low-acidic coffee that encompasses the passion and love we put into every cup.